Mammography- ACR Accredited

Routine Screening, Diagnostic Screening, Breast Biopsies

DEXA scan-Bone Density

Diagnostic Radiology (X-Ray)

Chest, Ribs, Sternum, Abdomen KUB, Pelvis, Hip, Spine, Scoliosis, Lower extremities, Foot, Ankle, Upper extremities, Shoulder, Wrist, Hand, Skull, Orbits, Facial bones, Mandible, Sinuses

Ultrasound/Vascular-ACR Accredited

Abdomen, Pelvis, Pregnancy, Breast, Upper and Lower Extremity Venous & Arterial Doppler studies, Carotid flow study, Scrotum.

CT Scan-ACR Accredited

Head, Maxillofacial, Orbit, Thorax, Abdomen, Pelvis, Spine, Extremity


Brain, Spine, Abdomen, Pelvis, Upper and Lower Joints, Upper and Lower Extremities, Head, Neck, Lower Extremity, Abdomen

Nuclear Medicine

Gastrointestinal, Musculoskeletal, Respiratory, Abscess, Tumor,  Radiologists provide complete 24/7/365 coverage with sub-specialist radiologists in neuro-radiology, body imaging, musculoskeletal, women’s imaging, general diagnostics, and dedicated stat radiologists for ED support.  The radiology department is accredited by the American College of Radiology which evaluates equipment and staff to promote high standards.